Detail Ingredients :
Chicken 40.26%
Coconut Milly 29.50%,
Eggplant 9.73%
Red Curry Poste 9.28%
Basil Leaves 3.78%
Sugar 297%
Seasoning Sauce 1.98%
Red Chill 1.62%
Tapioca starch 0.82%

Allergen declaration : Contains soy and wheat ingredients

How to eat : can be opened to eat immediately

Storage period : 36 months from the date of manufacture

Caution : Do not put the package in the microwave as it may exceed the spark. Food should be poured into suitable containers.”


Thai taste. Use high quality raw materials (Gluten free chicken) Curry paste made from pure coconut milk. There are both chicken meat and rich sauce. No preservatives, no MSG, can be opened and eaten immediately. Store at room temperature for 36 months without refrigeration.

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