Detail Ingredients :
Hor Mok 64.99% (Coconut, Egg, Red Curry Paste,Sugar, Soy Sauce)
Tuna 17.65%
Spinach 14.12%,
Rice Flour 2.06%,
Kaffir Lime Leaves 0.59%
Red Chii 0.59%

Allergen information :
Tuna, eggs, soybeans and wheat

How to eat:
can be opened to eat immediately

Storage period :
24 months from the date of manufacture

Do not put the package in the microwave as it may exceed the spark. Food should be poured into suitable containers.

Hor Mok Tuna 85 g

Hor Mok Tuna Boon Tree Brand, rich coconut milk mixed with tuna meat and spinach No preservatives added, no MSG added. Can be opened and eaten immediately. Stored at room temperature for 24 months without refrigeration.

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